What Ice Pack Lasts the Longest?

If you’re planning to buy a new ice pack for your next camping trip, there are a few things to look for. In addition to the YETI ICE Cooler ice pack, you’ll want to consider ColPac, Techni Ice, and Instant ice packs. All of these products are great for preventing dehydration and easing sore muscles … Read more

How Often Should SEO Be Done?

When performing SEO, it’s imperative to conduct a thorough analysis every once in a while. Depending on your niche and level of expertise, you can perform your SEO audit every week, every month, or every quarter. In this article, we’ll explore why this is important and provide some tools for performing SEO audits. Why you … Read more

What’s the Difference Between a Security Guard and a Security Officer?

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Security officers are higher-ranking security professionals who oversee security operations. They usually work in large settings and are responsible for ensuring that the security operations are run smoothly. Difference Between a Security Guard and a Security Officer These people are more mobile than security guards and must have excellent judgment and experience in their specific … Read more

Does Towing a Car Damage It?

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Towing a car is not without risk. It is an activity that puts a lot of strain on the engine, and this strain can cause damage to the vehicle. The amount of damage will depend on the type of tow and the towing capacity of the vehicle. A large tow will cause more damage and … Read more

How Much Should a Handyman Charge Per Hour?

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When setting your rates, you should consider the amount of work you are willing to do. If you work seven hours a day, 20 hours a week, and 50 weeks a year, you would need to charge $64 per hour to cover your costs. If you plan on charging more than this, you should adjust … Read more

Xiaomi Redmi Notes 2 Review from 16 GB E 32 GB


Xiaomi launched Redmi Notes 2 last month and in a few weeks is already a blockbuster; You just think that has registered 800,000 units sold in the first 12 hours of the market, and today, about 30 days after its debut, achieve a new level of 1.5 million units sold since last September 5. In short, Redmi Note … Read more

Xiaomi Mi Note and MI Note PRO Specs Review

Xiaomi Mi Note

In the past few hours the Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi has organized an event during which he launched several new products including two outstanding phablets by 5.7 inches, called Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, which as a habit of Xiaomi, offer technical characteristics of absolute importance to a very low price. The two models share many characteristics: the … Read more