Nokia Paragon: the new “provocative” concept Nokia-Android

The debate between those who believe should continue to pursue the strategy of Nokia smartphone Windows based Phone, and who, on the contrary, would want a radical change of trade policy with the choice of the Android operating system, you will probably not ever.

Nokia, even in recent times, has ruled out any chance to take the second street, but this does not alter the fact that in the world of concept phone everything is possible, even to imagine a Terminal like the Nokia Paragon who combines the best technology Nokia mobile platform a, numbers in hand, is the most widespread in the world.

Nokia Paragon concept

The end result is summarized by the following video which, remember, only a device portrays figment of the imagination and creativity of ordinary people outside the Finnish company. I anticipate the list of technical features described in the video which, undoubtedly, would make the happiness of those who still imagine a smartphone Nokia Android core.


A concept which, at the same time, highlights one of the possible ways that Nokia could go if it chose Android to differentiate themselves from the competitors ‘ proposals. The road passes not only through the integration of technology PureView, but also relies on developing custom software solutions that integrate with the OS BigG.


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