Apple Iphone 5 Release Date

Has been guilty of numerous leaks that have followed over the past few months, but Apple has already been beaten on time. In two weeks from May 5, iPhone launch would be already available the first clone device in perfect working order. It’s called i5C, see Android as an operating system and will be offered to the public at the attractive price of only $ 100.

iPhone 5

In production for the company Goophone and in a few days in the hands of users, the clone of the iPhone 5 is perfectly identical to the original, at least from an aesthetic point of view. The shell is equal to that of the iPhone, as well as the front panel and the size from 4 inch display. To accompany the hardware sector, a 8 megapixel rear camera and a front 2, a dual-core processor with 1.2 Ghz MTK6572, 1 GB RAM, screen resolution of 960 × 540 pixels, support for quad-band GSM and 3 g. All powered by the 4.2 version of Android Jelly Bean. The name, no surprises, is to i5C.

Iphone 5

This is not the first time that this Asian company launches production of clone device Apple products. Last year, thanks to the leak appeared online in Ireland, the company launched its i5, the clone of iPhone 5. And it is up to the headlines for its intention to sue Apple for subtraction property of design of this Terminal Android because it appeared first on the market than the melafonino. Apparently, it was only a promotional purposes, because of the lawsuit against Cupertino there is no trace. Or maybe, simply, impossible is demanded when the etc design was undoubtedly stolen from Apple.

iPhone 5

It is still a mystery, finally, on the look and feel of the operating system. The i5 has an Android version completely thematized on iOS 6, therefore, it is possible that i5C success provides an aesthetic borrowed from iOS 7. At the time, Apple didn’t do much to limit the uncontrolled growth of Chinese clones of their products, partly because the legal action in this respect – see case with Proview – are particularly difficult to implement in the East. Certainly, however, it is expected that Cupertino do not stand with its hands.


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